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GenEd Corp produces Pattern Based Items (PBIs). Learn more about PBIs from our video. PBIs replace legacy standardized testing. Use a sample of our standardized tests here!

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The STAAR test doesn’t measure what we need it to measure

Peer reviewed studies conducted by GenEd’s founder show that instruction time hardly affects testing scores.

Testing System Shaken To Its Core

Legislation enacted to change standardized testing due to studies conducted by GenEd’s lead researcher.


A Serious Design Flaw In State Tests

GenEd’s founder discovered that scores are based on test-taking ability rather than student knowledge.


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Engaging questions that inspire deeper thought.


Clear reports about your student’s progress.


Individualized feedback reveals meaningful patterns in student understanding.


Comprehensive view of school and district-wide improvement.

Elected Officials

Responsive assessment, at scale, advances educational reform.


Positive social impact through assessments that are sensitive to instruction.

Education is about advancing what's possible. Assessment is about supporting education.

Walter Stroup

Founder of GenEd Corp

The number of students who responded to PBIs on a statewide pilot exam
The amount of additional information provided by a PBI compared to a legacy question
Percent of parents who agree that we should replace today's flawed standardized tests with better tests that accurately measure student knowledge
The number of points on a 500 point scale that 8th-grade reading scores have changed since 1992

At a Glance

GenEd develops Pattern Based Items to better map a student's knowledge. Our standardized tests asks engaging questions and provides instant, informative feedback.

GenEd’s mission is to create standardized tests that dramatically improve educational outcomes.