Mission Statement

GenEd Corp’s mission is to reform legacy standardized testing with Pattern-Based-Items (PBIs). PBIs are created to: 

Examine student knowledge rather than test-taking skill, allow for greatly reduced test-times, and employ teachers as key architects of our product. 

These three elements allow us to outperform the competition on the quality, price, and efficiency of our product. Learn more about our products and services on our product page.

TEA Report

In 2018, GenEd’s items were used in a statewide pilot sent across the state of Texas to over 400,000 students. The results outlined in this academic report definitively prove that:

  1. PBIs solve the key problem faced by legacy assessments: insensitivity to instruction.
  2. Other vendors have failed to recognize the root cause of this problem, and cannot compete with our results.

Read the report: